Wednesday, September 01, 2004

When Burritos Attack

Ugh. I think I am going to be sick. Again. I ate a burrito last night and it's been arguing with me all night long. Not only do I keep having to run to the bathroom, I can't just go like a normal person. I have to get a police officer to relieve me so that I can relieve myself. I can't leave the 911 phones unattended, you see, even though at times I've wanted to call myself and request medics. So every time these past 8 hours that I felt the need to run down the hall, first I have to call a police officer on the radio, request that he come to the station code 3, which usually takes quite a while. So by the time they finally get here, I'm hopping around from one foot to the other doing a little dance and they think I've gone insane. Then the longer I am in the bathroom the more self conscious I become, which only makes things harder, (not literally, unfortunately). Just now I grabbed a sergeant that was innocently walking by. Do you have any idea how humiliating that was??? Pretty darn. 15 more minutes til end of shift, I can make it, I just have to be firm, ha ha ha, just 15 tiny more minutes now, think happy thoughts...Oh no, send help

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Sanorah said...

Oh.. you poor dear, me and my overly sensitive digestive tract can really sympathize.

BTW.. my mom is also a police dispatcher, it's really cool because she lets me know all the local gossip, who shot who, who's house was visited at 3am due to a domestic disturbance.. hehe..

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