Friday, September 03, 2004

Put All My Money on the Horse Named Gimpy

I knew, gosh darn it I knew and I got all hopeful anyway. I went to the horse races, I could have bet on the horse with the 10/1 lead-"Not gonna Happen" but no, I put all my hopes on the 3 legged, one eyed one. I knew that the pale spots of blood was my period coming early but I thought, hmm maybe, it's implantation bleeding.... I knew that I was tired and grumpy because of PMS but I thought, hmmm maybe... Silly, silly me, can I have my money back? Good news? I really am going to dye my hair the cutest color tomorrow.
I moped my way over to the store and refilled my Clomid and bought some Robitussin, and I thought, hey I'll get a nice haircut today to match the new color. Celebrate 'me', yay me.

To the haircutting lady, "Shame on you for asking me if I had any children. And double shame on you for giving me a bad Farrah Fawcett like hairdo." I just can't get a break today!

You will NEVER believe what happened to me yesterday. 2 days ago me and my co-workers had a meeting with the new chief of police. We talked about his expectations and what did we think he could improve. Well, we all (the dispatchers) banded together and agreed that it is not fair that we have to beg for a bathroom break. We all told him, there needs to be more compassion and regular bathroom breaks. The last day I worked I waited 4 hours for a bathroom break! Anyway, he was taken aback by our vehemence but was committed to changing things.

Flash forward to that evening. My husband came to visit me that night at work and he brought 2 of our dogs to visit too. It made me so happy to see them. The next day (yesterday) my boss called me. "Did you bring your dog to work with you yesterday?" She asked. "Yes." I admitted. "Did you let her wander around the police station?" "No. Well one time they ran off down the hall but I called for them to come back and they did." "Well, " she said, "one of them left a large pile of poop right in front of the new chief's office." OMG I have NEVER been so humiliated in my life!!!! Not only did the Commander have to clean up the poop, but I can't help think, what if the chief thinks this is my personal commentary on bathroom breaks!!!!! AAHHHH!!!! I am so glad I am on my days off, I don't think I could bear to show my face!

For anyone in the same "lack of a kid" boat as me, stay as far away from the checkout lane this week as possible. Don't say I didn't warn you. The cover of People magazine will make you barf. Good luck and be strong. :)

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