Saturday, July 22, 2006

Liam is 11 Months Old Today!

We got him this thingy...Well we call it "The Octagon of Fun" but I don't know what it is really called. It is a baby gate that makes a secure enclosure...I am making this more difficult than it has to be---you get it right? Anyways tonight Chris, Me and his parents were all eating dinner watching Liam play in it. He stood up and then holding on to the top for support, he walked the perimeter of his octagon, stopping at each of us and doing his sign for "want", sampling each of our dinners as he went along. It was hilarious. His gramps said he is going to get Liam a tin cup so he can bang it on the "cell." I took picures but I didn't have time to download them b4 work.
So after a very stressful week, I got my job offer at the PD close to home (Yay!!!!) Today I got the paperwork in the mail and they are offering my a dollar less an hour than the lowest pay step! I have 5 years dispatching experience, that is so insulting!!!!! I promtly went into the kitchen cupboard, removed my Zoloft from the shelf and counted out 10. I am just kidding but I did go back on my meds because I feel like I am having panic attacks and I am not "myself" and that added stress was just the final straw. So, in 4 weeks when it is back in my system, I should be back to normal (whatever that is!) Even if I have another panic attack again it is nice to know that help is on the way, just hang in there. Til later guys!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All Present and Accounted For

Thank you God! We will be taking Bailey to the vet tomorrow to find out what is really wrong with her leg. Everyone is doing really well, except Bailey. Time will tell if she is affected by being alone in the "wild" with no food or pack leader, or if she is just acting a bit withdrawn due to the pain. That is a poochie who is getting some massive TLC!!
They would not allow us to bring all of them home. My buddy Maja took custody of Gabby. Then the Animal Control Nazi followed us home to verify and take pictures of Riley in her kennel (???). I plead the 5th after that. Thanks guys for your thoughts and prayers. God loves all of his creatures and He sure was watching out for my guys.

Monday, July 17, 2006

My Own Personal Purgatory

I was taught in Catholic school that Purgatory was Hell with hope. That is exactly where I feel like I am now. Good news first: BAILEY HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! Now the bad news: now they know we have 4 dogs and they say we have to get rid of one of them. I am terrified they won't give us the normally allowed time for our city--72 hours--to find her a new home, (at which point we would hide Bailey til we can move somewhere else). I am scared that they will tell us to pick 3. This will never happen so I am terrified my husband will shoot someone. If you see in your local newspaper: DOGS TAKEN HOSTAGE AT SHELTER, that would be us. They let us give Bailey a bath at the shelter today and we noticed it looks like her leg is broken. Remember that THEY lost her so therefore THEY are liable...they never even noticed how swollen it is and that she is non weight baring on that leg, then they took her to their contracted vet after we demanded it, and she told us it could be cancer....CANCER??? We almost caught Bailey yesterday, and she was fine. Totally freaked but intact. Supposedly she developed cancer in 24 hours???? Gee could it be that is the only diagnosis that saves their freakin' arses?????? So please pray for us tomorrow, that we get all 4 dogs under one roof, safe and sound. Til tommorrow....

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Own Personal Hell

Anyone who reads this blog and has been with me for a while, knows I am obsesed with and adore my dogs. All four of them. Came home 3 nights ago to a business card from the local sheriffs department with a note on the back that said, "Your dogs have been seized contact us for further information." Here is what I believed happened: the chihuahua from the yard behind us knocked down a fence post and came into the part of our yard that my dogs do not have access to. We fenced off that part of the yard because my dogs wouldn't stop barking at neighbor, Mario's dogs, so we put up chicken wire and they no longer bark back and forth endlessly with Mario's dogs. So the chihuahua came into our yard, my dogs went balistic, and tore down the chicken wire chased the chihuahua back into it's own yard (behind us) and killed the chihuahua, and then all four dogs scared the crap out of the vicitm dog's owner by scratching on her patio door frantically. All 4 of my dogs were captured by the sheriff's department and taken to animal control where they sheriff's then proceeded to LOSE BAILEY. That is right, they lost my sweet Bailey and she is still missing. The Animal Control (AC) has determined that Riley (of course because she is a pitt bull) killed the chihuahua and yet they won't let us have Gabby and Xena back because the sheriff's are doing their own investigation because one of the officers wrote in his report a child was bit. They meant to write a dog was bit, but their stupid mistake means Xena and Gabby are still locked up. Ironically we may get Riley out first because we are not contesting her being classified as a "dangerous animal." Oh, and get this among the many, many things we are being fined with, they are charging us for having one too many dogs even though THANKS TO THEM FOR LOSING ONE OF THEM, we are now forcibly complying with having the allowed number of dogs. The AC lady is a cop-hating nazi and she is making this so very hard on us. We built a kennel and did tons of repairs on the fence. She came for a yard inspection on Friday and required about $100 more upgrades on the fence and when she saw the kennel said it had to have a dog house. I told her my dogs refuse to use those, so I am not going to waste money on that and she was like, we'll just see about that. Bottom line is I understand taking Riley, classifying her as dangerous, making her have rules like staying in a kennel when not attended etc. but friggin give me back Xena and Gabby already! Because of the sherrif's mistake, fees are adding up and Xena and Gabby won't come home until Monday or Tuesday. We hope.
We put up fliers all over for Bailey today and got 3 calls of people who all saw her in the same area this morning but so far no luck. I feel just sick at the thought of her getting hungry (it has been 4 days), and I am afraid she will get hit by a car. I feel bad about the chihuahua I really do, but it did come into my dog's territory. The AC nazi says my dogs must have pulled the boards into our yard and gone into the other dogs yard and attacked it. Unprovoked? That doesn't make any sense. If my dogs wanted to get at the chihuahua they could have busted down the boards from where they were and gotten into that yard. Something made them tear down the chicken wire and go after something that was already in their yard, it is the only senario that makes any sense. So for the rest of the weekend, until we bring the dogs home again, we will be upgrading the fence, visiting the pups in jail and searching for Bailey. Pray that all goes as well as can be expected with this situation and I will keep y'all updated. I am just too drained to write anymore on this topic right now. Til later.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I May Be an Ass, But Doesn't my Hair Look Great!

Here is my new haircut, I really like it. I feel like an Ass, BTW, for thinking no one cared or read this blog anymore. Thanks for the comments. And hey, my mom didn't comment, and I know she is still out there! Til later.

But the Drugs Make Me Nicer.....

How do I explain this....I have been off my anti-depressants for almost two months now and I am not sure what to think. I have a larger range of emotions, which is cool, but now that range seems to include homicidal rage. Oh, I am not having thoughts of hurting myself, litte man or anything like that, but everyone else? Fair game. I have zero patience and I don't like it. Can a person go back on their meds just because they are a bitch without them? I don't think that is their proper or intended use. Do I just have to relearn patience and civility? Buy a Zen garden? Take up knitting? I don't know what to do, but if I don't think of something soon, I just may throttle someone. No one is safe. Be afraid, be very afraid....