Wednesday, September 08, 2004

THIS is What it's Come To?

OK, honey I can fit you in somewhere between my trip down south and my trip to Oregon. It's OK, it will work. You see, when I am down south visiting my parents, I will be in the mid-Clomid-Psycho range, so you really won't miss me anyway. Then 11 days later when I go to Oregon, it will have happened if it's gonna happen this time and I'll be mid-white-bullet Phase. This does present some logistical problems, for me. Whether or not it helps, and despite the fact that my doctor has told me "just laying down a few moments is fine," I must for those 14 days elevate my hips with two pillows every 12 hours for 15 minutes, (because I am convinced it I don't all the progesterone will "fall out") I am so fanatical about this ritual that when I had to do it at work one time, if you had come down to the parking garage on my break, to find me, you would have seen me laying upside-down in the front passenger seat, with my feet on the ceiling of the car and my head in the footwell. I take this very seriously.

So honey, back to where you come in. On Sept. 12th thru 21 I will need you to be available to me on a moments notice. I'm interested in Quantity not Quality so don't worry about the romance. What do you mean it doesn't sound like much fun? Honey this isn't about fun, this is hard work and down and dirty. Its go time. You need to think outside the box! Are you with me? Hello, Chris? Hon? (crickets chirping) Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Just being nosey, but where in Oregon?? I'm going to Oregon on the 16th. Well, Eugene. I grew up in Oregon, well, yeah, I did.

As for the rest of your post, I lay down for 2 hours after putting in the white bullet. Except this month. Where I barely took them. Big mistake. Won't mention why here.

Good luck, and get that timing right!!


Anonymous said...

I am too lazy to sign in. This is Becky. Can I post on my own blog? I am going to Pendleton Oregan and I am pretty excited!