Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chester Polyester

My dad came for a week and babysat Little Man. It was so sweet because my dad is an awesome man with 2 masters degrees and on his second week of retirement he came to help wipe noses and change dirty diapers. I had to work and Chris was down south attending his Uncle's funeral. My dad did an amazing job and the picture I added is of Liam in the outfit my dad chose for him. Most days I laid out his outfit for Dad. Heck I laid out outfits, schedules, food, spoons, you name it, and Dad was great.

I know I have been absentee as of late. If you wonder what I have been doing in my small amount of free time here it is: 5150world Yup, I've been cheating on you. If you want a Becca fix, not a Liam fix, that is where to find me. I think I will be posting a lot more here soon, though because, we are in negotiations for Waiting For the Pot to Boil, Part Duex. So much so that, I am going to a new Ob/Gyn next month to see why I haven't gotten pregnant this past year since we haven't been not not trying. I am starting to get a little nervous that we may have some issues to deal with again. I am pretty sure it is just the low progesterone, and I will just need "white bullets" again, but I am going to get some tests done to be sure. On a related/unrelated note, I'd like to tell you about my friend "Emma." Emma needs our prayers in a BIG way. Emma and her wonderful husband "Al" go to my church. Emma does work with the children and Al does drama ministry with me. Emma and Al are not only embroiled in the battle with infertility, but they have a VERY unique twist to their journey. Al is on the transplant list and his turn is coming up. His name is coming up in 6 months to a year. He is waiting for a new pancreas and kidney. It is a very exciting transplant because not only will he no longer have diabetes, which he has had his whole life, but he will no longer be tied to his dialysis machine. Every night he is hooked up by stomach tube to a machine, which is a real burden. So, the glitch is they are running out of time. As soon as Al gets his transplants, he will be so filled with anti-rejection meds; procreation will be no longer an option. God has placed them on my heart. They too are paying for everything out of pocket, and they too can afford to have a child, but cannot afford to adopt one. Emma has read my earlier journey and she says knowing I went through the same thing really helps. I have been praying for them so hard. Will you pray for them too? Yesterday Emma, told me that for like the first time ever her period is late. Still today. She is filled with that old arch enemy of mine; Hope, and as you know, Hope can be so very cruel. I am terrified of her hopes being dashed in a day or so. This one is going to hurt really bad if it is false, I can feel it. Please pray that if their is a bean, it sticks and if their isn't she doesn't despair.

Ok, I am at work, gotta go my friends. G'night

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Well if you want to know more, you're just going to have to visit Liam Land! I had to cut this book/blog off somewhere. I hope you enjoyed the Watched Pot.