Sunday, September 05, 2004

Ode to My Husband

I never claimed to have any poetry talent whatsoever but I've been thinking about how wonderful my husband is lately, so here goes it:

Ode to My Beautiful Husband

My husband Chris is oh so neat
I love that he never leaves up--the toilet seat
In front of me, my husband never passes gas
He says that kills the romance-he has such class!
He makes up songs to sing to the dogs
He is always the one who picks up their logs
My husband often bar-b-ques
His delicious burgers I can't refuse
He spends all his day fighting crime
He usually calls when he won't be home on time
My husband always let me be the inside "spoon"
Even after 7 years of marriage he still makes me swoon
He never makes me feel-no baby is my fault
I love you Chris more than steak love salt


1 comment:

Soper said...

Cute poem...

About OMD. I think you might be right, at least about the ridgeback. Momma was a golden, that much we know for sure. OMD was one of 9; all of them looked golden, with the exception of the other female in the litter. That one looked like a German Shepard, and I just thought "Huh, Momma got around." Now I'm thinking, maybe she IS part ridgeback. That would explain the biting problem she had as a puppy (WAY beyond normal, I couldn't wear shorts and cried almost every day. Now she is an angel). Sad thing is, I probably wouldn't have wanted her if I had thought she was part ridgeback, because back then I thought "breed=mean dog." Now I know better, and it doesn't change a thing. (And I don't think she's part pit, if you see her profile she doesn't look pitty at all) Thanks for the note...