Thursday, September 02, 2004

Confessions of a Closet Baby Sniffer

Among other things I like to torture myself with, is this book called, "Getting Pregnant Naturally" and one of the many suggestions is that smelling a baby, releases phermones that help cause pregnancy. I would have believed it but this same book recommends egg whites instead of K-Y...What about salmonella? Nevertheless, I asked my friend Dorothy if I could smell Trevor and she looked at me like I had a third head. From now on I will sniff in secrecy. I'll just pretend I am just leaning over near the kid, to pick something up and then take a big whiff. Also sniffing the baby's used clothes is supposed to have the same effect. I guess I could sneak into her hamper, but with my luck, she'd walk in right as I was mistakenly burying my face into a pair of her husbands boxer shorts.

2 more days until evil pee stick day. AKA 3 more days before I dye my hair with this great new color I found.


Soper said...

You know what's weird? I think this one is true. We were into our third month of trying and I had not so much as SEEN a baby (this is when I was still working full-time) and then one of the court reporters brought her baby by and let me hold it. You guessed it, two weeks later I was pregnant. Didn't last, but I did conceive. Same thing happened two more times. I vote it can't hurt -- go sniff some babies!

Sanorah said...

Careful though... your friend might think it's pretty creepy to have you sniffing the kids dirty laundry... we don't want any restraining orders!

huumm... now I’m wondering who I even know that would have a baby for me to sniff.

The TwatLight Zone

Stacy said...

So she only gaffed at the third head, not the second one? Interesting!