Saturday, July 24, 2010

10w 4d

I am so positive this is a girl, I will be shocked, yes shocked, if I am wrong. This pregnancy is so different. I am sick all the time, yes, but I only actually puke first thing in the morning. No hyperememsis! My hair looks good, my skin is clear and I feel better lying on my right side, as opposed to my left like when I was pregnant with Liam. I just know it! I am (barely) refraining from buying anything and everything pink and frilly. I want bows and barbies and pink booties, and and and, you get the idea. Only have to wait 9 1/2 more weeks until vindication. (Chris is positive it's a boy.) We'll talk later, Becca and the Bean

Thursday, July 08, 2010

8w 2d

(Not my scan) Howdy. Sorry for the long delay we were on a road trip across the Western States. Now we have arrived in CA. Baby is doing great. I know because I am sick aaaaallllll the time! But you know what? At least so far it is not hyperememsis. Or if it is it is a much milder case than with Liam. Proof in my mind, at least that it is a girl. Riley Opal Xena C aka "Roxy." Here we come. I am staying with my parents in CA for a whole month. Lord willing by the time we leave the morning/noon/night sickness will be less or even over. Well gotta go for now, Becca and the Bean