Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hello From Liam Land!

The picture of Liam with the blue "baby" is cool because that doll was my husband's when he was Liam's age. The picture of Liam in the stroller, is him going, "Whoo whoo" because he heard a train. Liam is taking about 10 steps alone now and he is so funny about it. Every single time does it he gets excited, as if he had never walked before! We are having sooo much fun here in Liam Land lately. Little Man is making leaps and bounds daily in the development department. (I swear I am not using annoying aliteration on purpose!) Anyway, I-----oh poop, I think Liam is waking up from his nap, I thought I had at least 20 mins oh well, write more later about my new dispatching job!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Just Some Stuff...

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get a one year old to understand "no" or "don't"? I cannot get Liam to understand when he does something wrong. Mostly he is like a moth to a flame with electrical outlets. I am a dog person and somehow I don't think spraying him with water is socially acceptable, but at this point I am willing to try just about anything! I thought tantrums were for 2 year olds? Who knew!

Ok, so here is what is going on in Liamland and the lesser known Momsville. Liam is standing for long periods of time and walking along things but has stopped trying to walk alone for now. Doesn't help that I really don't push him. I am not looking forward to chasing him down constantly as he is already a bit of a terror! He still has the little patches of pimples on his cheeks, but thanks to Cetaphil they are finally clearing up, I think. A few of my favorite things are Cheerios, Baby Einstein Dvds and the "baby octagon." These often buy me some much needed time. Right now Liam is mesmerised by "Baby Gallileo" so I am happy I can update WFTPTB.

And now in Momsville: I start a new police dispatching job just 6 miles from home and across the street from Chris' parents on Friday! I am really excited. Chris still driving really far to work but gas prices have gone down ($2.65), he has found someone to carpool with and with only one of us going back and forth that cuts down our gas bill by hundreds and hundreds. Crazy. I have become really active in my church, teaching sign language on Mondays, Women's Bible Study on Tuesdays and now I am doing some performing in sign language and acting during future services. We are starting "40 Days of Purpose" which is a program based on the book, "The Purpose Driven Life" and I am pretty excited about that. I am a very social person and this church has sooo many young families, I love it. I have found 2 fellow infertiles and I even went out on a limb and shared this blog with one of them. I hope it gives her a few laughs and that she and I become friends. Chris is job is OK, he has been shot at 3 times this week so that is not good, but none of the bullets hit him or his partner so that is good... He has been offered an amazing position teaching his favorite subject: close combat, so we have a lot to think about. My dogs are all doing fine. They are still under house arrest, due to nosey neighbors, but we are managing. Camping recently helped aleviate the boredom for them. Now if I could only stop the shedding....Winter will help but with winter comes muddy paws. Ok, that is all for now, sorry it was a bit dull, but I had a lot to catch you up on!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Cutest Cowboy in the World !!!!!!

Finally got some professional pictures done. I love them! Please keep voting on the Halloween costume (one post below). Chris wants the bear suit and he says his vote is worth 5! Help!

Friday, September 08, 2006

It's Almost That Time of Year, Again !

OK, it's no where near Halloween yet, but you'd never know it by going into the local grocery stores, around here! Back to the matter at hand...What do you think, bear or monkey? I gotta tell you, I am leaning heavily towards the monkey. First of all it comes with that adorable stuffed monkey and second of all, we call Liam "Monkey" so it would be extra cute. Another good thing about both of these costumes, is that there will be no animal confusion. Remember last Halloween's Chicken/Duck debate? All right guys, I want the lurkers to de-lurk and the regulars to come on out. Everybody votes!!!!!! Please?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some Updates

Liam finally mastered "normal" crawling instead of what we were calling the "wounded soldier routine" of low crawling on his belly. Now he walks along furniture and on our fingers. He was trying out a few steps alone but now seems to not want to try that anymore right now. Lately he stands up, realizes he is standing and quickly grabs something. He is still a very very happy baby, but lately he gets frustrated when we tell him, "no" and hits. I don't like that and I am trying to nip that one in the bud. Mostly he is told no for biting us, biting the furniture and playing with cords/outlets. Man what is it about electrical outlets that draws Liam like a moth to a flame?!? He "talks" constantly even though he doesn't say many real words yet. He tries to copy us and it is really cute. He loves rubber duckies and I thought he was trying to say duck when he would say "Cuk, Cuk" every time I showed him a duck. Finally figured out he is saying his version of "quack quack." I love it. The other night I put his rubber ducky in the corner of his crib and the next morning I heard him on the montior saying "Cuk, cuk, cuk, cuk." I woke up laughing--what a great way to start the day!
Advice needed: Liam's little cheeks are broken out, possibly from a contact allergy with food. Anyone have that happen to their little one? Any thoughts on how to get rid of the pimples? We are going to start using Cetaphil and see if that works. Well, that is all for now. Til later!

Birthday Pictures!

Sorry I disappeared for a while there! So here are pics from his birthday party. What a blow out! Everyone I invited came except one. We had a lot of fun. This time he got his own cake. We learned from his first party; no one wants to eat mashed up cake. He was such a ham. Guess you can't be related to me with out having a massive repetoire of facial expressions! I love the one down below where he is smelling his feet! I will add a picture soon of this massive stuffed bear he got. It is like 4 feet tall and Liam loves to talk to it. More later!

More Birthday Pics

Here are some more!