Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Just Because I am Delirious, Doesn't Mean it's Not Still Funny

Dear Gentle Citizens of [the city where I work], for your sake, please do not call 911. My reflexes are slow, my temper is quick, and I may not be completely coherent or awake.

I'm still sick. I probably shouldn't be at work but I ran out of sick leave. In the irony of all ironies, my husband was working or busy the whole time I was sick. I went back to work, his partner called in sick, so he is home. Sigh. I talked to him on the phone today, (I rarely see him in person while awake anymore), and we realized we don't have the same day off together until October 13th. I excitedly penciled him in my day planner. If it wasn't so darn sad, it might be funny. How on earth are we supposed to make this stupid kid? I've really come to resent the little brat. I just realized it is time to test on Sunday, but I honestly don't care. I don't even have the energy to take darn test. I am not the least concerned that it didn't work, I just want to get on with it already. I am not sad or upset, I just don't give a flyin fanooty.

Note to the creators of CSI:New York--Your show was pretty good tonight, but as a member of the law enforcement support services personnel division, allow me to make a brief point. I am a bit "in the know" on the ways of "the force." And I can assure you, no self-respecting female detective would dress like that. Puh-leeze, she'd be sent home for 314. That is "cop talk" for indecent exposure. On a non-cop related note, you made the rats squeak. As the former owner of Gilda Rat-ner, I can tell you, rats don't squeak. Not unless you squeeze them just a little to hard when you're lovin them and I still feel really guilty about that.

Moving right along, what else... What I saw of Oregon was nice. I saw Mt. Hood and Mt Reiner from the airplane, beautiful and covered in snow. Then I saw part of Portland, the airport, my campgrounds and the 5 freeway. Everything else I slept through. They have no taxes up there, how cool is that? On the way home we broke the trip up into 2 days. The night we spent in a hotel was a quaint little town called Red Bluff. I say quaint with all the sarcasm I can muster--this is definitely the armpit of America. Mostly filled with people with no teeth, gang bangers and people I am positive just got released from prison. In the parking lot of the hotel a tiny gang member, walked up to my BIL as if to start a fight. My BIL is 6'4 and just started laughing, to which tiny gang member, was made to feel dumb and walked away. Then I came home, and I have been chugging orange juice and vitamins ever since. Well, wish me luck staying awake. It's now 1 am and I am half way there. G'night!


Jen P said...

So glad you're back!!! Sucks you're still sick, but so glad you're back. My DH hates cop shows because they always involve computers somehow and it's always done really poorly and he gets all inflamed and doesn't sleep for 3 days. Up and about mumbling about tcpip and the like. Gah.

Hope you get better soon!!

JJ said...
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