Saturday, August 27, 2005

Update from Beckie's Mom...Little Man Liam is here!

Beckie was feeling bad that she had not written since she snuck a blog in weeks ago, so I offered to post a short update untill she can get back on to post for herself. She is more than busy with the new baby and a new house! Liam was born Monday, August 22nd at 7:39 a.m. and weighed 7 lb 6 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. Never has there been such a beautiful baby, but remember this is the grandma talking.
After her post at 32 weeks she ended up in the hospital briefly and then was on bed rest. She was taken off bedrest and a week later, the day they loaded the truck and headed for the new house, her water broke! Thus began a funny, scary, exciting saga that I will let her tell as only she can. After suffering nearly the full 9 mos. with hyperemisis, she didn't catch a break and had one of the worst deliveries ever. Her epidurals (2 of them) did not take and she hemorrhaged so that the baby had to be extracted by vacuum. The wonderful part is that the baby is perfect and Beckie is recovering very, very well. I am so proud of how she has taken to being a mom! She and Chris are wonderful parents and it shows in how calm and sweet natured Liam is.
I will let Beckie fill you in on all the details. She just wanted all to know she is OK and so is Liam. She (and her family) appreciate all the kind thoughts and prayers that were sent her way.

Monday, August 08, 2005

SHhhhh! Don't Tell On Me....

I snuck out of bed to write this real quick. Last Thursday Liam attempted to make a run for the border. I was having contractions, lost my mucous plug (ewwww!!!!), my cervix thinned out and was dialating. I have been in the hospital 5 times since then. Don't worry only once was overnight. 2 of the visits were for shots to develop Liam's lungs. He looks fantastic by the way. It is my body that is lame, not his. 2 visits were for monitoring only and the overnight was for severe contractions. I'll will tell you another time about the Nurse Nazi. I haven't been back in over a week. I have a doc appt tomorrow and I have been on constant bedrest. I guess he could come any day now. They put me on meds to stop/slow the contractions and it seems to be working. Chris watches me on his days of, my Mom comes on his work days and friends help me on the weekend. I can shower and go to the bathroom alone, thank God! The day before the drama started I had Liam's last U/S. Well, now there may be more because he is so big, they may have to watch that and induce me. At 32 weeks he was est. at 5 pounds 11oz, his body was 34 weeks along and his head was 36 weeks along!!!!! Big boy!!! Well I gotta go lay back down. Talk to you as soon as I can!