Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Clever and Witty Post Title

I really put a lot of effort into today's heading, didn't I? Tonight I had a someone cover the first 4 hours of my shift, so that I could finally spend some quality time with my husband. We went out to dinner at TGIFs, I didn't have a soda. I really wanted an apple martini, but its not appropriate to answer 911 vershnockered. I wish I could blame what I did tonight on alcohol. I had my mike stuck open and I was singing, blissfully unaware. So tonight some lucky officers got serenaded. Well that's all for now, nothing exciting to report. Night, Me

P.S. Holy cow, I just did my spellcheck and it suggested "dogfish" instead of TGIFs!?!? What the @#$% is a dogfish and where can I get one?

1 comment:

Brina said...

nice, Becca, I ought to pull that tape for ya so it can be immortalized :)