Friday, June 30, 2006


Is anybody out there anymore? I am thinking of stopping this blog and just keeping Liam's family picture blog.....Either way I think I may make August 22nd, Liam's first birthday the last post over here. Not sure yet. Til later!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Forbidden Lovers

Theirs was a forbidden love, it was a love that could not be named---or denied...Shocking!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Little Man, I Love Thee

Funny how Liam has 3 boxes full of toys, but he always returns to this tupperware container that I put a rubber stopper in, so it makes a lot of noise. Also, I do love that one of his favorite toys is a toothbrush. It means he should have really good dental hygeine in the future. Cool. I think Liam is going to skip crawling all together and go straight to walking. He rolls where ever he wants to go, which isn't far because he is content just hanging out. But lately, he immediately reaches out for hands and then stands up and begins walking. Over and over and over again he grabs onto, pants, arms, fingers and just pulls up and starts walking. He is a walking fool. And a jumping fool too. I will have to add a picture of his new freestanding Jumperoo. It was annoying because we got one of those cool Johnny Jump Ups that you hang on the doorjam, but 3 problems arose: #1 he goes crazy, pushes off and slams his head into the doorway, or #2 the room we spend the most time in, doesn't have a door jam to hook the thing to or #3 we hang the jumper in the closet that is near the room we spend time in and he grabs onto the coats for dear life. So last visit my mom spoiled him rotten and got him one we can move from room to room; it is awesome. It is hard to want to spoil that kid, because as you can tell from the pictures, he is so moody and sullen..... I like the picture where he has the fruit puff stuck to his face. Now that he learned to feed himself those stars, he grabs fist fulls and just jams them in. At first it made me freak out, that he would choke, so I would ration them out to him. Later I found out that over half of them, never made it to his mouth, they were left behind on the high chair. When that happens, Xena, ever thoughtful, comes along behind and inhales them. Well, til later!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

That Dog is an Angry Drunk

One beer among 4 dogs = healthy shiny coats. One beer inhaled by one dog because she wouldn't share= a mean drunk. Allow me to explain: after Xena threw back an entire Bud Light, and we realized what had happened, she was cut off. Xena however, did not get the memo. First she slammed the beer bowl loudly around the kitchen, then came into the TV room to make sure we had noticed. Angered by our snickers she returned to the kitchen for more bowl bashing. When that didn't work, she walked up to Chris and stared, waited until he dropped his beer lower and then repeatedly bonked said beer aggressively with her nose. Then when even over-dramatic sighs and long uncomfortable stares didn't work, she finally gave up and retreated to a corner to sulk. Poor, poor alcoholic puppy. What is this world coming to when a dog can't get her buzz on.... (snort.) PS Happy ninth birthday Xena, my fur covered angel.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Those Were the Days.....

Love how the picture is all tattered---like I am so old! On that note, I am getting weary of Chris telling Liam, that they can't trust me since I am over 30. (He is a year and a half younger than me.) I knew when we got married and I teased him about the age difference, it would come back to haunt me, but now I have this kind of thing to look forward to every 10 years. I am seeing us on a porch, rocking in our chairs and him saying, "I am only in my 80s, you are in your 90s...." Or, "You are a Senior Citizen and I am not." Not fair, I only got to taunt him for one year. Sigh.
I am at work right now. I should be creating a lesson plan for my sign language class that starts tomorrow, but I am stalling. Excited and nervous, but stalling.
So I told you how we were kind of "not, not trying" Well, I put an end to that. I realized that I am not ready to be so sick again. I hate it when people say, maybe I won't get sick next time, because I know hyperemesis, is reoccuring and I feel like "they" just don't get it or don't believe how real it is. My doc said it will happen each pregnancy and hyperemesis.org confirms that too. I also am having so much fun with little man that I don't want to miss out because I'm too busy barfing. Plus I would like to have Liam enjoy and share the experience and be my little helper. Dare I even dream he could be out of diapers when the time comes. Also, looking at the above picture reminds me, I can do better than this. Fitness and food wise, I can potentially clean up pretty well, when I give it an effort. If I don't lose this baby weight and get in shape before next time, I might not get another chance. I heard it is really hard to get a flat stomach back after a C-section, (course you'd never know it looking at A. Jolie, Denise Richards and other stars. I swear they have a C-section/tummy tuck combo.) I am hoping to get motivated any day now. Another thing on the topic; Liam LOVES little babies. He strokes their tiny hands and stares adoringly at them, I hope he stays like that. Even with not yet "trying" again, it is hard to believe that, going on the plan of starting to try when Liam is almost 2; that is only a year or so away! It is funny, if I knew next time would take as long as last time, we would start now! Oh, that reminds me, since I suffer from endo, I was talking to my doc, worrying that since this last period was a 6 advil-er again, that it was coming back, and that I would need surgery again. She said not to worry, that wasn't likely but to hurry up and get back on the pill as that it kind of puts a hold on endo. I didn't know that, if I did, I would not have been so cavalier in my whatever happens, happens mode these past few months. Gosh darn it, it is either, ovulation tests, progesterone sups and "Oh, no honey you do NOT get a night off"and head stand, or it is the pill. No more ambivelance for me!
Oh, man we are having a rough time with Liam right now. He is teething and 2 nights ago he had a fever of 102 and couldn't sleep. We had been giving him Tylenol and when we finally called the pediatrican at 2 am they said, nope use Motrin. That took the fever right down in no time. Then last night he woke up every two hours for various things. One time he was "stuck" side ways and upside down at the top of his crib, another he wouldn't stop fussing for absolutely no reason I could discern, then later he was wet, then finally/later still, I fed him and brought him to bed with me and he slept like a rock. Mama on the other hand looked like she had been beaten with rocks. Oh man, I felt like warm cat poop this morning. Yuck. How can someone barely 2 feet long hog the bed so much?!? Liam is also fussy because he has a rash. Both of grandparents were here today and they were throwing out ideas, like food allergies and heat rash. I kind of sunk into the background and attempted to become one with the carpet as I remembered how I put a new T-Shirt on him with out washing it first and how the rash is on his back and front and on his forehead, you know all the areas a T-shirt would touch. No one asked, and I was not volunteering! OK, enough stalling, til later!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mama and Baby

What a little chunk, he is! Man he is really getting to be a fun age. He can feed himself fruit puffs, (well 1/2 of them end up on the floor, in his lap, stuck to his face or in a dogs tummy.) He is almost crawling and he loves to lower voice and yell really loud. I have been having to work a lot lately and I really miss him. Should be getting that local job pretty soon....can't wait.

Yo Yo, W'sup ?

Now you know why we have always called him "Homie." Here are some pictures of Little Man chillin' in his crib. He is too fly for a white guy. Peace.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Yeah, it is EXACTLY what you think it is....

Apparently Liam was jumping on his entertainer, so vigorously a big glob of pooh, fell out of the side of his diaper. He then toe-painted in it while my MIL ran and grabbed the camera. Remember my prior post on how I have "fecal-a-phobia?" This did not help. All I can say is I am glad it happened on Grandma PC's watch and not mine. Oh, and way to go capturing it on film! PS. Within minutes, Liam was in the tub, both he and the entertainer were thoroughly hosed down and sanitized, lest you think, EEEEWWWWWW.

What Little Tough Guy

Liam is such a ham, but holy cow he is really tough. He leans in like he will kiss you and then "BAM!" Head butt! Which he finds really funny. If he drops something on his head or you accidently run him into the wall, (not that I have, but you know IF it happened) he says, "AAHH." With a scowl and then he is over it. But do not, I repeat, do not anger the baby by removing an inappropriate-for-playing-with-object, unless you are fully prepared to replace it with an appropriate toy, because man, you will incur the wrath of the tiny man, and it is not pretty. Shoot howdy, he has really learned to express himself this past week. I feel bad for him because he is cutting so many teeth at once. 2 new ones on the bottom and 4 on the top. He is sooooo fussy which for him means he is kind of whiny about 20% like a normal baby instead of the freakishly good baby he usually is 95% of the time. Yeah, poor me.
So I went to Target today and I had the "Baby Pile" that had diapers, wipes, formula etc., and I had the "Maybe Pile." which had all the stuff (like new towels and egads, a lace blouse), that I wanted but was pretty sure would go over budget. Yup, "Maybe Pile" never made it home. Sigh. But gosh darn it I bought that Dean Koontz book, cause Mama needs her favorite author. Anyway I was trying to pay, and Liam just flipped out. Arching his back and totally making a scene, and I say to him, totally exasperated, "Why are you crying? You got everything in your pile. I'm the one who should be crying!" I am really not used to him being fussy.