Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Whose Idea was That?

I often think the fact that early pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are almost identical; is a really stupid idea. No offense intended to God, but couldn't He have planned this a little better. Instead of twinges, sore boobies, nausea and irritability, why not something really different? How about, hey my butt is tingling, maybe I'm pregnant? What if your tongue turned blue or if you got a case of hiccups for an hour. I dunno, just some random thoughts I've had. Technically I am in the 2ww phase, but since my Saliva OPK kit is nothing more than a glorified green glowing flashlight, I could be wrong. Besides, we aren't trying this month anyway.

Back in the day, my friend D and I toured the world of pre-pregnancy together. (I didn't yet know I was just a tourist.) Our husbands went to the police academy together, then got stationed at neighboring offices, then they moved in next door and even named their dog Kiley after our dog Riley. We started trying at the exact same time. We would go on long walks and talk about having our babies at the same time. We spent HOURS in Barnes and Nobles, pulling every single book about pregnancy onto the floor and sat amongst the piles reading the "symptoms" sections.

D: Hey it says your sense of smell is stronger, do you have that?
B: I don't know maybe. It says frequent urination, do you have that?
D: I don't know, maybe. Do you have sore boobies?
B: (Poke, poke, poke, pinch, prod,grab, bounce) OMG I do!
D: Maybe...
B: Yeah, maybe....

On and on we'd go, talking and hoping and dreaming. I truly hoped she would get pg first then me right after, because even though we started at the same time, she and her husband got to live under the same roof during the police academy and Chris and I were at opposite ends of CA, so that just seemed "fair" to me. One day in early December, D and her husband T came over. D actually stood behind her husband and said, "I'm pregnant" with out even pausing I screamed and jumped up and practically knocked T down so I could get to her and hug her. I asked her why she had been standing behind T, "I thought you'd be mad." she said. (???) I just assumed I'd follow shortly after. So now as we approach another December and her little boy is now 2 months old, I pause and reflect on that moment. I think that is the moment things between us changed, I just didn't know it yet. How could she think I wouldn't be thrilled for her? I never said anything like, I better get pregnant before you. All through her pregnancy I showered the kid with gifts and when she shared her symptoms I continued to share mine. She had mile stones, but so did I. When she was getting her first U/S I found out my progesterone was almost non existent. When she found out it was a boy, Chris has just found out that his "boys" were perfect. While I asked her a million excited questions, she just seemed uncomfortable asking me any. Sometimes I think my IF makes my pg/mom friends feel awkward. Oh well, I can only be who I am and part of who I am is a person struggling to make a kid. My journey may not amount to a hill of beans; but this is my hill and these are my beans.

And now I will close with 10 things you may not know about me:

1. I collect Pez dispensers from all over the world. I have over 250 different ones
2. Chris and I got matching tattoos instead of an engagement ring
(A Celtic knot symbolizing "an eternal bond between two people" )
3. I once lost my entire memory including the ability to read, write and speak
4. I love to watch movies. To me dinner and a movie is the perfect date
5. My favorite movies are Super Troopers, the Fifth Element and any John Wayne movie
6. I have never seen the Atlantic ocean
7. I love to read even more than watch movies. I can read an entire novel in a day. My favorite authors are Dean Koontz, Stephen King, James Patterson and Ann Rule
8. I once competed against UCLA for acting, and I won best Actress in a comedy for my college
9. I have three boxes of baby clothes and a closet full of toys and books. I collect any baby clothes that have police cars on them because they are very hard to find. (Everyone loves firemen but cops? Not so much.)
10. Sometimes I think about getting a friend for Riley--a fifth dog! Mom? Did you totally just pass out? Somebody get the smelling salts!


Anonymous said...

Okay, um, I gotta ask: How'd you lose your memory? And also, how'd you get it back?


Jen P said...

Oh Becky, I heart thee dearly. Your writing, so whimiscal and honest and funny -- it keeps me sane.

Can you please write a post on the virtues of multi-animal homes so I can send it to my mother-in-law? I want her to see that we won't be denying Andy any love...but...expanding the love?

I mean...no one says anything when I weed my carrots back to make room for lettuce...but get another cat!? WW3 just errupted!!

Best wishes!!

Becky said...

Jen P, for you of course! Watch for it, I'll be writing it soon. And for the other question on my memory loss, I've been thinking about adding an entry since it definetly shaped who I am. Thanks for the interest you guys make me feel needed! ;)

Anonymous said...

A fifth dog!!!! I'd have to drink a fifth and then take the fifth! Mom

Anonymous said...
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Sanorah said...

If you get a 5th dog, you should name it Element, for the 5th Element movie!

JJ said...


Because your blog doesn't have trackbacks, I just wanted to let you know this post has been included in the latest edition of The Sunday Post.