Monday, October 18, 2004

For the Love of God--Don't Try This At Home

If you accidentally wax off most of your left eyebrow, would you think it was a good idea to do the same with your right eyebrow? Of course not because you wouldn't be dumb enough to attempt this yourself. You would have the foresight to only have this done by a professional. Would you think to yourself, hey I am bleaching sections of my hair. I should bleach my massive eyebrows too. No you wouldn't. Let's just ripping off most of my eyebrows may be an improvement. Would you think, hey, if I bleach my dark brown hair with blonde streaks, this time it won't come out Ronald McDonald orange, even though every single other time I tried it, it did? No you would learn from your past mistakes. It looks like someone cracked an orange egg on my head. Excuse me while I go attempt to repair this disaster. Not the eyebrows, it's too late for them. (Taps music plays)

************Update 10/19/04 ******************

Whew, I fixed my hair. Now at least it looks like I did it on purpose. Sadly it is too late for the brows. I will miss them.. A moment of silence please.


Stacy said...

I did the same thing to my eyebrow. I used mascare to "fill it in" and then pulled my bangs really low on my forehead. Good news is if you ahve bushy eyebrows like I do, they grow back really fast! :)

Sanorah said...

We want pictures!

*evil grin*

Brina said...

HAHAHAHA! Having seen your eyebrows, I know this will be a long recovery... If it makes you feel any better, I did mine this weekend, and the left one is missing a chunk. I figured instead of taking the time the cut down the strip to fit, I'd slather my desired eyebrow hair with vaseline... Thinking the hair would magically stay put. Nope, it came ripping off with the unwanted ones. So, I'll join your eyebrowless club.

Anonymous said...