Friday, December 31, 2004

Is It Strange To Be In Love With a Vacuum?

I love my new vacuum. I really really really do. It is a Dyson "Animal" and it cost half a grand, but baby it was worth every penny. Chris and I actually were fighting over who got to use it. Today before work I heard words out of his mouth I thought I'd never hear, "I think I'll do a bit of light vacuuming tonight." Which was even funnier because we had already vacuumed every square inch of our home.

Today is 12 DPO. Which reminds me, the other day when I visited her at work, my friend Brina asked me a funny question. She is not an infertile but she is a symathizer, and a good one at that. She has never given me stupid assvice and even though the day I met her she was pregnant with her second child, I never felt bad around her. Anyway, she asked what was with the Robitussin? "You don't do anything....weird with it do you?" I thought about telling her I snorted it or froze it into ice cubes and used it as a suppository, but she was just so earnest. Not only that but our fellow dispatcher, Dino, was listening. Dino is the most awesome male-non-IF-sympathizer ever. He listened to every stage of this journey, even asking questions and also never gave stupid advice. However, there is only so much one man could take, I'm sure, so I refrained and told Brina the truth. I think she was a little let down.

This was a boring post I can't top the last one, so I won't even try. I gotta say I am a little scared about this months effort. EVERYTHING was perfect, timing, location, everything. AND my tubes were just HSG'd and my womb is all "fresh" and ready to recieve a baby. I think this is going to be a huge let down. I keep praying and telling the "little guy" who may not even exsist, to hold on, don't let go, please please don't let go. Also, I have to pee every hour, but I am prone to bladder infections (TMI sorry), so.......Sigh. Please hold on little guy......


Brina said...

I have an "animal" too, and it sucks. No, really, it sucks up everything! It is the best vacuum EVER!. So worth the money. I bought an area rug, vacuumed it, and the whole collection tube was FULL of fibers and junk. Eeew! Can you imagine if I hadn't vacuumed it?

Anyway, yes, I suppose I was secretly hoping you did something weird with the Robitussin... although I can put my nasty mental pictures to bed now (night-night!) and get on with it. LOL Anyway, I am telling you, this is the month! Not that what I think can build you up any more than your years of TTC have already done, but I am really wishing as hard as I can for a little "bean" for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes! The dyson animal is the best vacuum cleaner in the world. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and used their 20% off coupon, which saved me $100. Even without the savings, that machine is worth every single penny.

Best of luck to you!

Dee said...

I've been after my hubby lately to get an 'animal' but he can't see spending the $499 Sears wants for it. But I like Danae's Bed Bath & Beyond coupon idea--that might be just the ticket to my little plan. Either that or I'll ask for it for my birthday--romantic gift to me, no?

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