Monday, December 20, 2004


(Title:Think 70's porn music) Not that I have any idea what 70's porn music is like...Ahem. Moving right along, I am soooooo excited! Going on a "weekend" getaway! At just the right time! Come gentle readers, join me as I make my check list for the trip:

*Money? Check.

*ID? Check.

*Pet sitter? Check.

*Lengthy list of doggies likes and dislikes, even though it's only an overnight trip? Check.

*Guilt about leaving the dogs behind. Check.

*Fear the dogs may just eat the Christmas tree in our absence? Check.

*Green tea, pre-pre-natals, Robitussin? Check.

*Ovulating? CHECK!!!!

*Reservations at a really swanky bed and breakfast with a fireplace, private balcony and unobstructed view of the ocean? Check.

*Great white sharks, sea horses and starfish? Check. (I am not hallucinating, we are going to the Monterey Bay aquarium and they have a brand new shark exhibit!)

*Sexy little number for tonight? Ch---, hey (blushing) that's just a little too personal!

*Husband who says if I don't get off the flippin' computer he's leaving without me? Check!

Gotta go, tell you all about it when I get back tomorrow. Well, not all about it but...Chris? Wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sanorah said...

I'm sorry, but the waka waka waka brings to mind muppets, is this a muppet porn???

have fun!


Brina said...

Yay! I told you, this is the month, I feel it. Just if you do get prego, don't name the baby 'Monterey', OK?