Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Go, Perry, Go!

I am sorry this is a day late, I hope I didn't worry anyone. I am just having a really rough time with my morning/noon/night sickness. So, Perry looks fantastic. According to his size, (I picked "he" so I can be consistent, but I would be thrilled boy or girl) he is only 6 weeks and 4 days today. Not too far off; just 4 days. My new projected due date is September 16th. That means we found out REALLY early! His little heart was beating so fast and strong, go Perry go!!!!! Chris and I didn't want the U/S to be over so fast. Yes, we got our pictures, but we wanted to watch that heart beat longer! I wish I could post the picture but if you go here, he looked almost identical to this, but he was attached to the top of the circle in our picture. Too soon to tell even, which side was the head. So, here goes the story, of why we call him Perry, but be forewarned it just won't be funny... So before Chris admitted to wanting to have kids, he used to say, since they feed off the mom like a host, a baby in the womb was sort of like a parasite, from a scientific point of view. Flash forward to when we started trying. I said we could call the baby Pari/Perry in reference to Chris' former theory. Well, Chris had forgotten all about that conversation AND he had quite a nice buzz going and he says in this dopey voice, "Perry the parimecium!!!" and I was like, "Nooooo, remember?....." Then we got a case of the giggles. So there you have it. Not that exciting. So my doc wants me to stay on my Zoloft. He wants me mentally fit, for the baby. I am relieved. He is also having me try extra vitamin B6 and 1/3 tablet of unisom before bed for the nausea. [Disclaimer: Do not try that w/out talking with your doctor. Had to say it.] He, however is thrilled, that I have been puking. He says, "Fantastic! That means he's healthy, I love to hear it. More puking!" So as I bow in deep reverence to the ceramic bowl, I try to keep that in mind! Love you all, talk to you soon!


Jen P said...

Becky, so glad to hear things are going well! 6w4d, you were early! WOW! Seems you've been pg for nearly a month now!!

Go Perry Go!!! I must admit, I truly love your wee one's name, as it's my maiden, and I think it adds a whole new level of cuteness of little womb walkers.

I hope the morning sickness gets light enough to not bug you but just enough there so you're constnatly reminded you're pregnant. Which is delightful.

So, so glad to hear all is well. come on little baby, grow!!!

best wishes Becky

Soper said...


Just wait 'til your own B.O. starts to drive you crazy...

Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
Thanks for commenting on my website. Congratulations on your ultrasound. I am 6w6d tomorrow at mine, so I hope to see about the same thing you did at yours. Good luck and come visit often. I'll be checking in with you.

pregnancyweekly said...

A belated congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting. Morning sickness however -- not so much.

That is so exciting the due date...how far along...the name.

Yay for you!

Brina said...

Well, 'he' better wait til we get back from vacation! 'He' is going to be born at a very busy time in our family, Mike and my birthdays, wedding anniversary, dad's b-day... and now little Perry's b-day! And on another note, I had not given thought to you having a girl... I guess I always pictured you and Chris as boy-parents.

Anonymous said...

Just in case Beckie's friends check the comments....just wanted to let you all know that she hasn't added to her blog because she has limited internet access right now and because she is REALLY having a hard time with morning sickness. A big misnomer because it is not limited to morning for her! She'll be back as soon as she can and appreciates the good wishes you have sent her way. Her friends from this site and their support mean a lot to her.
Thanks, Beckie's Mom

Rachel said...

Thanks "Beckie's mom" for posting that she's ok ... I was fearing that something bad had happened. I supposed m/s if a form of "bad," actually. I hope she gets some relief soon. I have had all-day m/s for three pregnancies, and it is a real downer. The only lasting solution was consuming lots of protein, which (of course) turned my stomach.