Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What? Don't You Find My Psychotic Side Sexy?

My poor, poor husband. Remember how I thought it was the clomid driving me insane? Ah, such, sweet innocent, ignorance. It is definetly the progesterone. I had the dumbest argument with him. Oh, the argument was an important one, but my abilty to argue coherently went right out the window. It was like I was standing behind myself, watching the train wreck happen and I couldn't stop it. Not to mention this happened right before work. Don't you hate that when you argue with your DH, right before work? Also crying makes me sooo tired. When I went to work, I literaly, woke up with my face on the keyboard 3 times! So, that sucked.I am at my parents house in San Luis Obispo right now. I grew up here. I am going to take a pregnancy test tomorrow while I am still here, just in case, so that either I can tell my parents, in person, or get a Mommy-Hug. Nothing better than a Mommy-Hug to soothe a broken heart. That crazy Hope is still there. At this point she has become HOPE, and she will not be ignored. I'll write again soon.

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