Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Too Once Ran for Office

In honor of election day I will share with you, my earliest election memory. I was in the eighth grade and I ran for student body Vice President. I was a gawky, brace-faced, gangly, WHITE girl but I got my friend John to do the "beat-box" and I rapped. I know it's insane, but here, in all of it's glory is that rap:

My name is Becky B, please vote for me,
I'm the best Vice President you'll ever see.
I got the brains and the talent too, I wanna share
my ideas with you.

When you're around me you'll have lots of fun,
'cause Becky B. is number one!

I'm only gonna say this one more time:
Becky B. for V.P. in '89!

And I won! Cheney and Edwards eat your hearts out!

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