Thursday, November 25, 2004


Turkey calories don't stick, did you know that? At least that is what I am telling myself. The turkey wasn't the only one going "gobble gobble." I had to leave my Thanksgiving dinner before the turkey was done, to go to work. Poor, poor me. On a happier note, all the police officer's on tonight's shift chipped in and got a turkey dinner. They let me chip in too. Yay! I just want some turkey!
So, yesterday was the first day I was able to be romantic with my husband since the surgery. (Don't worry Mom the following is G-rated.) Note to self: If you are going to get all gussied up and set a romantic mood with candles.... Don't remove your husband's shirt, throw it across the room with oh so much finesse, only to have it land on one of said candles....Fwoomp! Sigh.
Well, good night! Hope you all had a wonderful day with family and are not stuck at work. Especially if being at work means you will be taking 911 domestic violence calls from families who, only see each other once a year and get into drunken brawls, all night long. (Wish I was kidding.)
*****************Updated 11/26/04***********************

I forgot to give answers from last time's movie quiz. Here are the answers:

1) Elf
2) Austin Powers
3) Naked Gun
4) Super Troopers
5) Ace Ventura Pet Detective
6) Airplane!
7) Tommy Boy
8) Hot Shots!
9) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
10) Anchorman


Rebecca said...

Unfortunately, I know that you are NOT kidding. I had just such a scenario at my house yesterday. Although we didnt call the cops, it got very ugly. I hope your thanksgiving was wonderful, despite having to work.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, you are freaking killing me! It's like we are twins! My husband and I are also slightly doggie obsessed. We have 4 females and adore our "kids" even though right now they hate each other! Anyways as a frequent user of the word homie I would like to thank you for introducing it into blogland. :)