Monday, January 30, 2006

This is Just the Cat's Meow

File this under "You should have been there." I am back at work for the first time in ages. Just now a lady called 911 because a can of cat food exploded and cat food got in her husband's eye. She said to the medics "I am afraid he will get botulism in his eyes. (Don't people pay for that--it's called Botox?) Then, on the air I said, "Medics responding to a can of exploding cat food, police presence will not be required." I got microphone clicks from the officers which as some of you know, is universal at any PD I've worked at for laughter. Wow I missed my job. It is nice to have a topic to bring to the dinner table other than the contents, quality and and consistency of my son's daily diaper deposits.....Speaking of daily deposits, the other night I was changing Liam's diaper for bed, (which we do pretty much in the dark with just the red night light over the changing table on), and I was talking to Chris. I was applying a good ammount of vasoline to his hindquarters to protect him through the night. As I am talking to Chris I say, "I don't remember using so much vasoline. And why is it getting warmer?" I look down and he had taken a crap in my hand and I was obliviously just rubbing it in. Chris laughed so hard and teased me for ages. OMG so gross!!!!!!

And now I leave you with this final thought regarding the ealier mentioned 911 call:

Can of cat food.......................50 cents

Ride to the hospital................$300

ER visit only to be told the only damage done is to your pride..........$2000

Becoming the antecdote of an entire shift of police officers.................PRICELESS

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