Friday, January 06, 2006

A Morning Person I am Not

So this morning, Liam decided to get up before the butt crack of dawn. On general principal I do not find it polite to rise before the sun. So finally after Liam protested loudly for about 45min we got up. But I would like it noted for the record, it was against my will. We are currently watching, "The Early Show" Know why they call it that? Cause it's friggin' early. I have never written a post this early before, can you tell I am hostile?
So I wanted Liam's bedtime to be at 8pm. He moved it to 7:30 then 7pm. Last night he wanted to go to bed at 6pm. Am I supposed to do this? What if he ends up moving his bedtime to noon and then wants to wake up at midnight? I have no idea, but I read this book called the Baby Whisperer or some crap, told me I was doing everything wrong and I suck.
So speaking of suck, I gave Liam like one oz of apple juice and 2 oz water, just to get him to make friends with the bottle. He hates the bottle. The bottle makes him angry. Apparently apple juice tastes like battery acid to him. He actually shoved it away. He doesn't even know how to shove things away yet, but apparently the apple juice was just that offensive. I am going to go lay on the tile floor next to the bouncy chair and try to fall asleep. Maybe he won't notice...


Brina said...

Well, I am in a reverse boat right now. A morning person I have to be, in order to make it to work on time. My kids have decided 2030 is no longer an acceptable bedtime, and, according to Alex, they like to "watch the news". Well, the news is at 2200. So no, they may not watch the news. Not to mention they're 3 and 1 1/2, what do they need the news for? So they get in bed at like 2100, after dinner, baths, and stories all get crammed in in the short time I'm home from work. The last two weeks, they have decided bedtime is just another nap and wake up at 0100. Together. Not just one of them, both of them. They REALLY need separate rooms. Anyway, I have gotten like 3 hours of interrupted sleep per night for 2 weeks now, so I am feelnig quite run down. Days off I'll be sleeping a lot this week! Oh, and we're not moving. Took the house off the market and we're planning on adding on. Thought you'd like t know!

Kate said...

One of my biggest fears when we have kids is that they will be morning people! And to think I got mad at Drew this morning for waking me up at 8. Hope it gets better soon.