Saturday, January 14, 2006

No Boys Allowed ! ! !

OK so really no boy (Chris) allowed, because it is not like this blog attracts a male following! I have been writing this blog in my head for ages. I have a lot on my mind. Particularly breastfeeding, hence forth (BFing). I said I would stop when Liam was 6 months or got teeth, (he is a biter). Well Liam got two bottom teeth. They just popped up. However, I am slowly weaning him with the final day being around the 28th. Today I am adding the second bottle. I am hoping to make the experience not be too painful on either of us.
Speaking of painful... Sunday I worked a twelve hour shift. Without pumping because I never figured out how to do that correctly and the end result was that I went 16 hours, looked like Dolly Parton and was in soooooooo much pain! Oh and it made me start my period which means I have to go back on the pill which caused hair loss. But not good hair loss. If my hair is going to fall out, why can't it fall out everywhere? I am a hairy Portagee after all. Speaking of looking like Dolly Parton, pre pregnancy I wasn't a boobie girl and now I have them and I am so worried that after I am all done nursing I am going to end up with fold over/sock boobies. Pre preg I always said if that happened I would just get a "lift" of my own stuff, nothing added. Now that Liam is here that just seems petty and silly. "Sorry Liam we can't go to Legoland cause Mommy needs new boobies." [Let me pause here to say there is someone reading this who did have her boobies done after pregnancy and her very different situation made perfect sense and was not selfish or silly. And they look fabulous by the way.] Besides, if I have a spare few thousand to put down on myself, I think I would rather have all hair from below the eyebrows removed instead. See above aforementioned Portagee statement. I was lamenting that most of my stretch marks were on my boobs and Chris said, "So what? Are you planning on entering any wet t shirt contests?" That was nice. And no but maybe I aspire to work at Hooters or become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, you just never know!


Anonymous said...

It's always important to have options...you just never know when Playboy will come calling!!!


Brina said...

Hey, you didn't have to put the disclaimer - no offense taken! I mean it's not like I had many options, mine was medical necessity. And thank you, they do look fabulous (and still all my own!)