Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year ! Funny It Kind of Looks the Same as the Old Year, So Far

So here is a picture of my dogs. They totally freaked out at the fireworks, like they do every year. Maybe it has something to do with the New Year's day years back when the neighbors lit the back fence on fire... There we all were in the living room celebrating, and suddenly the dogs slam themselves against the back sliding glass door. Some people inside were afraid of dogs so we just figured it was the gun fire or fire crackers that scared them and they were trying to get attention. Yes, I said gun fire, some yahoos in that old neighborhood felt a good way to celebrate was to fire their guns in the air at midnight. Yeah, cause most people always celebrate major events with random gunfire...I digress so we chalk it up to nerves, but suddenly we realize they are all acting REALLY frantic, so we go out back to calm them and, lo and behold, the back fence is ablaze! The rear neighbors sparkler ignited the fence. They saved the day! After that, we invited them in as our honored guests. Xena tied on a few too many, Gabby was in the corner with a lamp shade on her head, all in all it was a bit embarrassing but hey, we gave them a little lee-way, being as they saved the home from burning to the ground. So here is wishing you all a gunfire and regular fire-free new year!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Heheheh! My doga don't actually seem bothered by the fireworks. They are to lazy to notice!