Saturday, June 17, 2006

That Dog is an Angry Drunk

One beer among 4 dogs = healthy shiny coats. One beer inhaled by one dog because she wouldn't share= a mean drunk. Allow me to explain: after Xena threw back an entire Bud Light, and we realized what had happened, she was cut off. Xena however, did not get the memo. First she slammed the beer bowl loudly around the kitchen, then came into the TV room to make sure we had noticed. Angered by our snickers she returned to the kitchen for more bowl bashing. When that didn't work, she walked up to Chris and stared, waited until he dropped his beer lower and then repeatedly bonked said beer aggressively with her nose. Then when even over-dramatic sighs and long uncomfortable stares didn't work, she finally gave up and retreated to a corner to sulk. Poor, poor alcoholic puppy. What is this world coming to when a dog can't get her buzz on.... (snort.) PS Happy ninth birthday Xena, my fur covered angel.

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Sami said...

Apparently Xena and my 3 yahoo's have something in common.... they're all lushes. The whole lot of them. I've never seen noses go up in the air so quickly as when we open up a bottle of wine or champagne, or my husband a beer...