Sunday, June 18, 2006

Little Man, I Love Thee

Funny how Liam has 3 boxes full of toys, but he always returns to this tupperware container that I put a rubber stopper in, so it makes a lot of noise. Also, I do love that one of his favorite toys is a toothbrush. It means he should have really good dental hygeine in the future. Cool. I think Liam is going to skip crawling all together and go straight to walking. He rolls where ever he wants to go, which isn't far because he is content just hanging out. But lately, he immediately reaches out for hands and then stands up and begins walking. Over and over and over again he grabs onto, pants, arms, fingers and just pulls up and starts walking. He is a walking fool. And a jumping fool too. I will have to add a picture of his new freestanding Jumperoo. It was annoying because we got one of those cool Johnny Jump Ups that you hang on the doorjam, but 3 problems arose: #1 he goes crazy, pushes off and slams his head into the doorway, or #2 the room we spend the most time in, doesn't have a door jam to hook the thing to or #3 we hang the jumper in the closet that is near the room we spend time in and he grabs onto the coats for dear life. So last visit my mom spoiled him rotten and got him one we can move from room to room; it is awesome. It is hard to want to spoil that kid, because as you can tell from the pictures, he is so moody and sullen..... I like the picture where he has the fruit puff stuck to his face. Now that he learned to feed himself those stars, he grabs fist fulls and just jams them in. At first it made me freak out, that he would choke, so I would ration them out to him. Later I found out that over half of them, never made it to his mouth, they were left behind on the high chair. When that happens, Xena, ever thoughtful, comes along behind and inhales them. Well, til later!

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