Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lots of Fun In the Summer Sun

So my mom and pop in law, bought us an inflatable pool. Love it! It gets over 110 degrees during the summer so don't think I won't be joining little man. At first he gave us these long suffering looks, like, "What did I do to deserve this? Was I bad? Did I upset you somehow?" And lots of over dramatic, "Ohhhhhhs" like we had first filled the pool with ice cubes. After awhile he decided, it wasn't so bad. Then after we removed his 5 pound diaper, he was even happier. Chris says Liam's sun hat is "gay." I say he can't look gay, he is just a baby. This conversation went much like the Halloween costume, "is he a duck or a chicken" conversation where we must agree to disagree. Not gay.


Dee said...

Kiddy pool on a hot day, divine. Liam, adorable. Hat, not gay.

Brina said...

Ok, I know we mothers should stick together, but the hat IS gay. I bought one for Alex last summer. It was green. Supposedly a "boys" hat. Gay. It is now in Madi's drawer and she won't wear it either LOL