Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to Me...Waaaaaaahhhhh

Here is what I get to do on my very first Mother's day:

Drive to work, which is 3 counties, 8 freeways and 12 cities away for a grand total of 150 miles round trip! Do you feel sorry for me? Just a tiny bit? OK, then I feel better. I actually do not mind working tonight at all. My friend's shift that I am covering, has 2 little ones that will actually remember and notice if she is not there! But gosh darn it, I am taking next Mother's day off! And maybe even dare I say.... Liam's first birthday???? I have been working a lot this month; making hay while the sun shines so to speak. My in laws just moved here and there is a lot of work to be had at my old job and the extra money doesn't hurt. So far this month, though I have already put over 1000 miles on my truck and about $400 in gas. Yikes! I dunno how much it is where you live, but here it is running at $3.15 on a good day and $3.35 on a bad day. I am in backgrounds for a job at a local police department, and I am soooo excited because it is only 6 miles, one city, same county and 8 minutes away. PD backgrounds take forever, though so until about August, I'll be doing the long commute 2-4 times a week. I have my Polygraph on Thursday at 10am after an all night shift. I may sleep through it...while hooked to the machine. I am either a really good polygraph subject or a horrific one, depending on which way you look at it. I was raised Catholic, and that guilt stands out like massive red flags on a lie detector test. Last one I took, the guy asked me if I had ever stolen anything, besides the porcelain figurine, that I admitted to stealing from Inga in the second grade. Which by the way I would have gotten away with had my brother not told on me. So I said, no and then after the test the polygraphist said, I did fine, but what was I thinking about when he asked me the stealing question? He was curious. Oh, I said laughing, this morning Chris told me to stop stealing his work socks and I couldn't stop thinking about that. He found that very amusing. When he asked me about, if I had ever done drugs, he stopped the test and asked if I was paying attention because the reading was SO flat! Nope, I just never did them. I'd like to think I would never have experimented with the "Mary Jane" but truth is no one ever offered, so I don't know what I would have actually done, had the situation arose. I probably would have said no to marijuana. I am POSITIVE I would have said no to anything else. I took a sip of a wine cooler at a Vons grocery expo I was working when I was 17, and felt bad about it for ages. Oh yeah and I had 1/8 of a can of Zima at a Vons company picnic that same year. Bad Vons, bad! Oh, great now I am going to be thinking about this, when the guy asks me if I have ever had problems with alcohol. Thanks Catholic guilt.

Happy Mother's Day, guys!

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