Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hawaii 5-O Baby

Look at that face, can't you just tell he is up to no good? I have been working a lot lately and I miss little man soooooooo much. I am trying not to work 2 days in a row but the truth is since I pretty much only work nights, I am totally useless and mostly unconcious the next day. At least I get to feed Liam his breakfast in the morning and when I go to bed at 9 am it is his first nap time, so we cuddle. Well first he fights sleep and smacks me in the head several times, then we cuddle. No wait, first he goes "Dadadadadada" for a few minutes, then "TTTTTTTTHHHHBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTT" then smacks me in the head and THEN we cuddle. I love it. Only 8 more hours plus 2 on the road til cuddle time!

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