Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Solution For Crawling Baby and Dog Hair ! ! !

The writing might be too small, but the caption actually says, "Make your children work for their keep." Isn't that great? And I thought I would no longer be able to have the dogs inside---but no! I just have to make Liam clean up after them! Perfect! The article says, "After the birth of a child, there is always the temptation to say, yes it's cute but what can it do?" [It???? OMG! ] The article continues, "Until recently, the answer was simply, lay there and cry." [I know, how dare IT just lay there and cry!!!! The nerve. ]The closing statements are the absolute best: "There is no child exploitation involved, [thank God!] the kid is doing what he does anyway, crawling. [Wait, now IT is a kid and IT crawls...Here comes the clincher:] "But with Baby Mops he's also learning resposibility and a healthy work ethic." Genius! Where can I get one?


Dee said...

Hah! I love it :-) Where can we find this ingenious tool?!

A and I call the little gal 'the swiffer.'

The floor will look clean to us (I try to sweep it every day), but two minutes crawling around on the floor and J has amassed a collection of canine fur on her knees that rival anything a vacuum brings up!

Honestly, how is it that two dogs can lose so much hair? You'd think they'd be bald by now.

Now I'm off to google baby mop or baby mops, for serious...wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Where can one find this tool? Pretty funny!!!!