Sunday, March 19, 2006

Jerry the Big Giraffe...

"His neck is looooooong, his legs are stroooooong." That is the song I often sing to Liam. He LOVES his giraffe. So as a special treat, when we went to the zoo yesterday, Jerry was reunited with his flock...(herd? gaggle? pack? school?) When Liam is older, we well show him these pictures and tell him how we rescued Jerry from a life of confinement and oppression. Ha! Just kidding.....Actually considering how much Jerry is chewed on, pulled on and thrown around, his life may have been less stressful at the zoo.

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Lisa Wagner said...

March 12, 2013
Jerryyy the big giraffe,
His neck is long,
His legs are strong,
He can move just like a deer,
It's Jerry the Big Giraffe!!!

I am praying for you. I asked God who He wants me to pray for and He sent me to you.

In Him,
Lisa Wagner