Saturday, November 05, 2005

Liam's V-R-R-ROOM

This is how I decorated Liam's room. Today's pictures also include, Liam snacking on his new favorite treat- his right hand, the funny position he fell asleep in today and a great mystery which is: how can a baby that starts at the top of his cradle every night wrapped up tight, end up at the bottom of the cradle every morning???? I just don't know. Well, Liam is doing better, today but really tired! I am totally veggie-ing out today, watching hokey, scary movies. Liam's future wife Madeline Rose was born today to my friend Katie. She is only like 3 1/2 pounds but doing really well. That is all for now. Talk later!


kelly jeanie said...

SO CUTE! I hardly ever comment but I had to delurk and tell you your Liam is adorable. Love the pics!

Dee said...

Adorable that boy as is his room :-)

Miss J does the same thing with bedtime--she wakes up in a completely different part of the crib from where we put her down. Of course the only difference with her situation is that she wakes up screaming because she's squirmed her way with her head and cannot understand why it hurts when she's reached the end of the crib (um, yeah, sweetie, it's because you've squirmed your way with your head first and now your noggin is banging up against the rails)!