Tuesday, November 08, 2005


We went with Chris to the barber's. The barber looked into Liam's stroller and said, "Oh, wow he won't be mistaken for scrawny." ....

I dyed all of Chris's white work undershirts pink.... Mama C, got me a beautiful purple shirt for my birthday,..... Yeah, enough said.So Liam is still Mr. Snuffles, but he seems to have gotten used to it. Want to hear something really funny? Chris and I didn't see each other much yesterday, yet over 80 miles away from each other, we both went to Subway and both ordered the exact same thing. You may think, huh, interesting coincindence, but let me tell you why it is pretty amazing. Since the day Subway opened it's doors, I ALWAYS get the spicy Italian BMT. And I hate it toasted. Yesterday we both got steak and cheeses toasted. So cool. I blame our psychic abilities on our socks. Yup, I said socks. I was collecting the laundry and Chris threw the socks he had been wearing onto the top of the load I was carrying. I started laughing, Chris thought it was because his white socks were mismatched, "I know, I know, the smaller one really sucked because it didn't go up high enough in my boot." I still laughed, "Chris," I snorted, "that is because it is mine!" (He wears a men's 12, I a womens 8 which is the same as a men's 6.) Not that funny, I am sure Chris was thinking, after all they are both white. "Look at my feet!!!!!" I choked out. I had the matching one one of my socks on and his---floppy on my foot, missing sock! Hmmm...maybe you had to be there....I am such a klutz today! I was sitting by the window and noticed a fly buzzing behind the blinds. So I get the brilliant idea to swat the blinds into the window in an attempt kill said fly. The blinds hit the window, bounced back, smacked into and then knocked my full glass, off the ledge. Oh, don't worry, the window and the drinking glass didn't break....the bowl the glass landed on did though! And the sugary drink I had in the glass went EVERYWHERE. Including onto Liam, his chair, my chair, the floor and the walls. That was fun. As I cleaned it, the very much alive, fly landed on my spilled mess. Sigh. Oh well.
Til later!

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Becky said...

Well this is the end of our story... Or is it. Life moved on and I didn't have much time to update the blog but it was sure an important time in our lives. I hope you enjoyed it!