Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh Little Period, So Brave and True

Ode to my Period

Oh little period you were so late
I got so nervous I ate and ate and ate
I knew I wasn't pregnant becuause I took a test
Now you are here and I think that you are the best.
I was going to have to jump start you with progesterone
It got me so concerned I called my mom on the telephone.
But now you're here and I jump for joy.
I am so irriatable I snapped at my little boy.
I am glad I didn't have to use drugs to get you to start.
Now I need some feminine products from the local KMart.
In closing I hope I don't see you for nine months more,
I'm excited now really, for what's in store!

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Anonymous said...

Not Keats but kute! Mom