Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Still Liam Land

Here is a picture taken today of me running after Liam and my favorite from the summer. Maybe it's weird to post a child's pictures on a infertility blog but oh well, this is my life. I suffer from infertility and now secondary infertility. There are a lot of view points on whether having one kid makes secondary fertility easier or harder. Easier because you have a child to distract and focus on or harder because you know what you're missing and you yearn for it. I straddle the middle. I do think Liam makes it easier, how could he not? But I also yearn for another baby. Heck, I yearn for twins. And one daughter. Please! Liam is all about having a brother or a sister. He talks constantly about it. We were in Walmart and he kept saying, "And we'll buy that for the baby and this for the baby..." Some lady looked at me like, oh how sweet until I said, " Well first we have to conceive the child." Then she looked horrified. My don't I have a way with words?

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