Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Weh Sick heh in LiamLand

Translation: We are sick here in Liam Land. Man we feel like crap. Here are some new pictures, but now I must crawl back to bed. I have so much to tell you when I get better.


Rebekah said...

Thanks for sharing this blog with me. WOW! We are too much alike. In my late teen years a friend and I did some expressive worship using sign language. I have never needed fertility but have some close friends that struggled with getting pregnant. Your stories of Liam remind me of my oldest....who will be 13 (yikes) at the end of the month.
My sister is a Christian "chick-lit" writer. I am not a big "frilly romance" reader but her stuff is good. Its more about career and relationship. Her link is on my blog. She has a new book coming out Nov 7, Lost in Nashvegas. You can find them in Walmart or Amazon.com.
Looking forward to reading more of your stuff

Pam! said...

eh! sick is NO fun. Hope everyone in LiamLand is well soon...can't wait to hear what's new!