Sunday, October 29, 2006

Too Tired To Talk

So here are a few recent pictures for you. I have some bizarre news. We are beginning discussions for TTC baby #2. I have conflicting emotions. Don't want to miss out on any Liam time, but as you know I WILL have hyperemesis again. Will I vomit 35 times a day again? Will it be worse? I hate puking. We really want our kids to be right about 2 years apart so that means starting all over again in December. And who knows how long it will take. First things first. I have to go to the doctor and find out if my Progesterone is still too low. At least we aren't starting at square 1 this time. More like 5...Til later


Rebekah said...

Good luck with all that, but experiencing the different personalitites of your own kids is so awesome

Dee said...

Good luck as you start the journey down that road again...you're right about not starting at square 1. Hope all goes well :-)