Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hello From Liam Land!

The picture of Liam with the blue "baby" is cool because that doll was my husband's when he was Liam's age. The picture of Liam in the stroller, is him going, "Whoo whoo" because he heard a train. Liam is taking about 10 steps alone now and he is so funny about it. Every single time does it he gets excited, as if he had never walked before! We are having sooo much fun here in Liam Land lately. Little Man is making leaps and bounds daily in the development department. (I swear I am not using annoying aliteration on purpose!) Anyway, I-----oh poop, I think Liam is waking up from his nap, I thought I had at least 20 mins oh well, write more later about my new dispatching job!

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