Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some Updates

Liam finally mastered "normal" crawling instead of what we were calling the "wounded soldier routine" of low crawling on his belly. Now he walks along furniture and on our fingers. He was trying out a few steps alone but now seems to not want to try that anymore right now. Lately he stands up, realizes he is standing and quickly grabs something. He is still a very very happy baby, but lately he gets frustrated when we tell him, "no" and hits. I don't like that and I am trying to nip that one in the bud. Mostly he is told no for biting us, biting the furniture and playing with cords/outlets. Man what is it about electrical outlets that draws Liam like a moth to a flame?!? He "talks" constantly even though he doesn't say many real words yet. He tries to copy us and it is really cute. He loves rubber duckies and I thought he was trying to say duck when he would say "Cuk, Cuk" every time I showed him a duck. Finally figured out he is saying his version of "quack quack." I love it. The other night I put his rubber ducky in the corner of his crib and the next morning I heard him on the montior saying "Cuk, cuk, cuk, cuk." I woke up laughing--what a great way to start the day!
Advice needed: Liam's little cheeks are broken out, possibly from a contact allergy with food. Anyone have that happen to their little one? Any thoughts on how to get rid of the pimples? We are going to start using Cetaphil and see if that works. Well, that is all for now. Til later!

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