Saturday, July 22, 2006

Liam is 11 Months Old Today!

We got him this thingy...Well we call it "The Octagon of Fun" but I don't know what it is really called. It is a baby gate that makes a secure enclosure...I am making this more difficult than it has to be---you get it right? Anyways tonight Chris, Me and his parents were all eating dinner watching Liam play in it. He stood up and then holding on to the top for support, he walked the perimeter of his octagon, stopping at each of us and doing his sign for "want", sampling each of our dinners as he went along. It was hilarious. His gramps said he is going to get Liam a tin cup so he can bang it on the "cell." I took picures but I didn't have time to download them b4 work.
So after a very stressful week, I got my job offer at the PD close to home (Yay!!!!) Today I got the paperwork in the mail and they are offering my a dollar less an hour than the lowest pay step! I have 5 years dispatching experience, that is so insulting!!!!! I promtly went into the kitchen cupboard, removed my Zoloft from the shelf and counted out 10. I am just kidding but I did go back on my meds because I feel like I am having panic attacks and I am not "myself" and that added stress was just the final straw. So, in 4 weeks when it is back in my system, I should be back to normal (whatever that is!) Even if I have another panic attack again it is nice to know that help is on the way, just hang in there. Til later guys!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya sister.


Dee said...

Happy 11 months Liam!