Monday, July 17, 2006

My Own Personal Purgatory

I was taught in Catholic school that Purgatory was Hell with hope. That is exactly where I feel like I am now. Good news first: BAILEY HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! Now the bad news: now they know we have 4 dogs and they say we have to get rid of one of them. I am terrified they won't give us the normally allowed time for our city--72 hours--to find her a new home, (at which point we would hide Bailey til we can move somewhere else). I am scared that they will tell us to pick 3. This will never happen so I am terrified my husband will shoot someone. If you see in your local newspaper: DOGS TAKEN HOSTAGE AT SHELTER, that would be us. They let us give Bailey a bath at the shelter today and we noticed it looks like her leg is broken. Remember that THEY lost her so therefore THEY are liable...they never even noticed how swollen it is and that she is non weight baring on that leg, then they took her to their contracted vet after we demanded it, and she told us it could be cancer....CANCER??? We almost caught Bailey yesterday, and she was fine. Totally freaked but intact. Supposedly she developed cancer in 24 hours???? Gee could it be that is the only diagnosis that saves their freakin' arses?????? So please pray for us tomorrow, that we get all 4 dogs under one roof, safe and sound. Til tommorrow....

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