Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So Much Dog-gone Fun

This entry is dedicated to my Homie Dani, if you don't comment on this one, you will break my heart!!!! This is a post all about how my dogs have reacted to having a new baby on their "turf". I do not mean this in a rude way, but honestly, if you don't like dogs, this post will put you to sleep! No comments from the peanut gallery Mom!!!!!
So here is an update on how all the dogs are doing with Liam. First off, Xena is the fluffy black and tan one, Gabby is the black one, Bailey is the yellow and black one and Riley is the....plump pitt. Love the picture of Liam riding Riley like a horsey, and people say pitt bulls are all viscious. So, Xena, the pack leader, is the only one who is allowed in the new house. She is allowed inside to sleep because of her bad back and seniority. Well, OK, Gabby can come in to sleep when it is super cold because it is very painful for her wrist's arthritis. Yes, the above pictures have everyone inside, but hey, it was Christmas! Seriously Mom, it really is a primarily puppy free house. So, Xena for the most part ignores or tolerates Liam. When he cries she either sighs over dramatically and looks mournfully at Chris and I as if to say, "I already raised 3 dogs, and now this?" Or sometimes she runs over and tries to lick him. All and all she is very good. Gabby is the only one who LOVES little man. When she is allowed inside she runs around the house until she finds him and when allowed to sleep inside she sleeps by his bed. This facinates me because a long time ago I wrote a post that said she was the wild card; I had no idea how she would react to a baby. She loves everything about him. Except for when he cries, then she runs and hides. Bailey act EXACTLY how I predicted, she doesn't like him. BUT she doesn't hate him either, which surprised me. She sees what the other dogs do to get praise, (being gentle around Liam, sniffing him, ) and she mimics the good behavior for praise. Hey, it is a start. She is a very jealous animal, so I will NEVER leave him alone with Liam and remember, she is the one that snapped at Sean. Bailey really surprised me yesterday by sleeping by Liam's crib while I was feeding him and then pacing the whole time he cried himself to sleep. Maybe she will learn to love him. Riley is the one who will eventually become Liam's greatest ally. Riley loves kids. It is funny, Liam and Riley have so many traits that are similar, Chris and I both, constantly call Riley Liam and vice/versa. Riley really needs some special loving lately. I have to go outside and give her lap time, so she doesn't feel neglected. Well that is my update. All in all it is working out even better than I had hoped, though I do need to work on spending a bit more time outside with the poochies. Til later!


Brina said...

Bailey is a cute dog, although he looks like he has an agenda. That one picture, he is staring at Liam, and his ears make him look like he is utterly exasperated or stressed out by Liam. It is kinda funny. And Zena the run-by-licker, that's exactly how Nitro is with the kids. Very tolerant.
My parents have a VERY energetic, sassy chocolate lab, Mandy. She "talks" back when my mom tells her to do stuff, and she rolls her eyes and sighs when she's bothered by something. Anyway, she doesn't listen very well, and Alex was trying to help her out. He told her to sit on her bed, she didn't. He told her again, she didn't. Then he told her to "platz" because that's how he tells his dog to sit, in German. She didn't. So he went over to my dad, who is pretty strict with Alex and makes him listen, he tells my dad, "Papa, Mandy is a naughty dog. I'm serious. I say "platz!" to her, but she won't lay down." Ok, was he insulting my dad's ability to raise a dog? It was really funny, but I think my dad was on the fence of laughing at it or being offended :)

Anonymous said...

Ok this is the cutest post. (not that I don't LOVE Liam stories but geesh throw in 4 dogs and you have a masterpiece!) They are all so adorable and I see that vicious pit of yours is up to no good! ;) I can not believe how big Liam is and his sisters seem to be adjusting nicely. Let's hope I am as lucky. There I go being hopeful again. Your family is to perfect for words. Talk to ya soon!!!

Becky said...

The above was a comment added by Dani, I can just tell! thank you Dani!!!!! My heart remains intact.

Anonymous said...

heheheh you are so right! I totally forgot to put my name. We must be internet souls siters! Glad you will live to see another day with an intact heart!!!!