Sunday, December 18, 2005

Amtr@k Was Not Made For, With or By Moms

So I took the train to my parents house after a wonderful visit to my in-laws. Liam was soooooo good, people would get off at their stop, pass me and say, "Oh my gosh, I had no idea there was a baby here!" He NEVER cried for the whole 7 hours and he only slept sometimes. Other times he just "read" his book and played with his toys.

So, I have crappy balance. On a good day I can fall down for absolutely no reason. Now add a rocking train, a 16 pound baby and a flight of stairs. Not a good combo! After a few treks about the train, I only walked around the train while it was stopped. So I thought to myself, the downstairs HC bathroom will have a changing table, I can put Liam's changing pad down on it and keep a hand on him while I go to the restroom myself. Ha Ha Ha, the naivete. I tried it, once. The changing table comes down from the wall and covers up about 75% of the toilet. So I put down the pad put Liam down and begin contorting to fit UNDER the changing table. No need to hold on to Liam, if he rolled over his body would be cushioned by my head. So finally after impersonating a human pretezel I dangle my rear over the seat, (no way am I touching down), and it was almost impossible. So the next time I have to go after HOURS of "holding it" I think, I might as well just hold onto Liam. So I have one arm around his waist and he begins grunting. See, if you don't support his butt, Liam automatically starts this over-dramatic grunting, as if he believes it is impossible for any adult to hold onto him with out supporting his butt and he wants to let you know he has zero confidence in your ability to hold him with just one arm. So he is doing his normal one-arm-hold-zero-confidence-grunting and I am putting strips of toilet paper down on the seat which keep flying away, so that took forever and have you ever tried to unbutton Levi's with one hand? Re-buttoning was far worse. So I look down at Liam mid-process and his little face is completely tomato red. Heck, for once his over dramatic grunting was actually a valid plea for oxygen, who knew! So, although Liam did a great job travelling on the train, I apparently suck at it!

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