Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Am Not a Bad Mom; I Just Play One On TV

So apparently Liam has something against Raley's. Either that or cheese. I fed him, changed him loaded him up in the car, where as normal, he promptly fell asleep and began our trek to the grocery store. Normally after feeding him, I have 3 hours, at worst an hour and 45. So halfway through our outing at about 40 minutes in, while we were in the produce aisle, he wakes up and goes from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds on the scream meter. He woke up starving. The kind of starving that in his mind leads him to believe he may never ever be fed again. Well, I didn't bring a bottle and I was only half way through shopping. So I am running through the store, throwing things in the cart and everywhere I go I hear people:

"Oh, that baby is so hungry!"

"You can tell, from that cry that poor baby is so hungry."

and my personal favorite:

"I am not even a Mom, but I think that baby sounds hungry."

I consider whipping out a boob on aisle four but thought better of it. I didn't get to finish and I beared angry and reproachful stares all the way out the door. I get home to cook dinner and I don't have any cheese. Every single reciepe I was considering for the night had cheese. I had quesedillas sans quesa... So I had Dillas which really sucked, but Liam ate great that night...

So yesterday, I feed Liam and made a break for Raley's again, this time AFTER Liam is sound asleep. AND I have a bottle just in case. He did so good the whole time... Almost. Until we got to the final item on my list---the cheese. He started screaming. No fuss, no gentle subtle baby wakings. Well this time I let people glare and I went up to the cheese, and threw THREE different kinds of cheese into the cart. Triumphant I said to Liam, "Ha! I got the cheese!!!" To which some old lady turned around and gave me a disapproving look. It wasn't until I got out the door I realized she must have thought I said, "Ha! I cut the cheese!!!" Sigh. Oh well the Quesedillas were really good.

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