Friday, October 14, 2005

I am the Baby Gym---FEAR ME ! ! !

So Liam is alert enough when he is awake that he needs some stimulation. I don't mind being that stimulation, reading and talking to him, but he gets bored with me. I think I embarass him in front of his friends. Of course, at this point his friends consist of the police cars on his mobile and his feet, so that may not be it. Maybe I am just not colorful enough.
So my friend Brina gave me her kid's floor mat/play gym, at least I thought she was my friend but now I am not so sure.... I put Liam on his back under the colorful hanging animals; a parrot, monkey, giraffe, elephant, a mirror and some other hanging toys. Can he see them? Oh yes he sees them. And he believes they are out to kill him. He seems to believe the giraffe is plotting his demise, the monkey wants to poke him in the eyes, the parrot may attack at any moment and that weird baby in the mirror won't quit staring at him. Don't even get him started on the crinkley sound that the elephant's ear makes when he moves or how if he kicks the music plays. It is all just part of a dark and sinister plot to off him. At least this is all what he believes. Thanks for the play mat Brina...really. I will be looking you up in 15 years when it is time to pay for his psychiatrist visits.


AuntPam said...

OH my! I have the same gym!! I recently purchased it for Connor (13 weeks) and it must have been good timing. He doesn't seem afraid but quite the opposite...he seems determined to yank that monkey's arm or leg off as well as kick that parrot right off his perch. Perhaps he senses Liam's displeasure and is fighting back in his honor. ha!

April said...

lol. How funny. Poor little Liam...(and as an aside, what a beautiful name you picked for him)