Friday, February 18, 2005

If You are Totally Lame and You Know it Clap Your Hands! Clap! Clap!

I suck, I know it, but I just can't heave my body out of bed for much less than a natural disaster. Or CSI. I suck. And the computer is in the living room and that is sooooooooo far away. I still throw up so much! I am at 10 weeks today so (pleaseGodpleaseGodpleaseGodplease) maybe I will start feeling better in a couple of weeks or so. My job is actually being really awesome. I am officially on Medical LOA until about March 17th or so. They didn't even make me grovel or feel the need to vomit on their desks, it was nice. Speaking of throwing up, each dog has to come by the toilet, one by one, and stick their head in to inspect the damage. They are fascinated. As soon as I start retching Bailey beats me to the bathroom to watch the show. I am really bored. I read an entire novel today. The high point in my life lately is if I actually can produce a B.M. that day. Once upon a time I was proud of my job when I produced quality results on the computer for my officers. Now I beam with pride is I produce something the size of a walnut...every few days. Lucky for Chris, so far, I have stopped just short, of calling him into the restroom to witness my latest masterpeice. SO sad. Jen P you warned me! Forgive me as I sulk back to bed. Miss you all, don't give up on me, when this is over I will be back online with a vengeance.


DeadBug said...

Oh, goodness, that sounds wretched. Hoping you get some relief soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh hell friend, I hope you get to feeling better once that 2nd trimester gets here. Oh how I hope.

And sorry for the bad news but the constipation? Yeah, not likely to improve any time soon. I find myself in the same situation as you in that dept--so not fun. Just don't try to force it out--helps keep the hemorrhoids at bay (let's hope!).

the REs muse

Jen P said...

I'm with Dee...don't force. Sit there all day if you have to. Just sit, and when you resign yourself to the fact that the poo just ain't gonna budge, it will. It WILL!!

I'm hoping the morning sickness (ha ha, what a lame term!) drops off really soon and NEVER comes back. Especially in the 2nd Trimester when everyone starts saying...Oh, I thought that should have gone by now! And all you want to do is hurl ON THEM for being such a dork.

Best wishes to you and the little one.

Wirthy said...

I have trouble getting out of bed, and I throw up all the time, but, somehow, I think it's for different reasons.