Monday, February 28, 2005

I Threw Up Into My Nose--It Burned!!!!

Lovely mental image, eh? So I am officially bedridden for two weeks. Not this past Saturday but the one before I went to the ER, bleeding. I was so scared. Before having Chris drive me there, I called him at work, and said, "I am having a miscarriage!" Like a total dumbass. Poor guy. I mean I really thought I was but, couldn't I have collected my thoughts first? Apparently not. So Chris, me and my trusty barf bucket, took off for the hospital. I had to drink a lot of water for my first outer ultra sound. Boy did I have to pee! First came the wand/space probe and after a tense moment, where while Chris was watching the monitor, he says, "Umm...." and I say, "Well, I assure you, you won't find a baby back there...." things then proceeded normally. There was Perry in all his glory! So beautiful, I had no idea at just 10w1d he would be so active! Punching, extending his arms, covering his eyes, rolling over so we could see his perfect spine, fingers, shoulder, elbow, even nose! When Chris and I saw how broad his shoulders were we both had the same thought, uh oh, that's going to hurt later... You see, Chris has extremely broad shoulders, and they have always made the uniform aspect of his life difficult. Whether it be the Marine Corps uniforms or CHP, no tailor can seem to comprehend that a person can have massive shoulders and a trim waist. Chris always gripes, "My shirts look like they are made by Omar the tent maker!" He has ALWAYS had to create pleats and fold them cleverly into his pants. Chris says,"God forbid it's windy the pleats come out and I look like I'm going to take off in flight at any moment! There I am trying to look authorative and give someone a ticket and there is my stupid shirt billowing out behind me!" So anyway, we both know that there will come a day in about 6 1/2 months where those shoulders are going to hurt like a mo fo, (sorry Mom.) It was an amazing experience, to see Perry, too bad the circumstances sucked. I saw my doc 2 days later, still bleeding a little and he said the U/S results looked good and he is still not worried, but restricted my activity even further. That day we got to hear the heartbeat, totally amazing, and I have to see him again March 8th. So today at 11w3d I still bleed every now and then though, not much. Chris and I call Perry our little boxer since he was really punching and weaving. We say, our baby floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee--with a massive case of ADD!! Well that's all. No really, unless you want me to describe my ceiling in the bedroom, you really are all caught up. Talk to you guys as soon as I can. M-wah!


Jen P said...

Go little Perry go!!

Becky, so glad to hear Perry is ok but absolutely horrified that there's been bleeding. It's an awful experience. Absolutely awful. I hope you're doing ok and you and your husband are in good spirits.

Best wishes to you and rest well, drink lots of water and I can't wait to read more. Take care.

Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law had the same experience. So sorry you had to be scared. I hope everything continues to run smoothly. We miss you!!!

Dee said...

Yea for 11w3d, and for a lovely u/s and heartbeat! Awesome, isn't it?!

Sorry to hear about the bleeding though. Been there myself so I know your fear. Sending you lots of positive wishes for an end to that and tolerable bed rest.