Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No Belching, No Farting

Did I ever mention, Chris and I have a " no belching, no farting clause" in our marriage? Before we got married Chris said that we would not be doing these things, (this was shortly after a visit to our friend's house where "S" ran over and farted on "D"s leg), because they kill the romance. We are coming up on NINE years of marriage, this July 4th and I have still NEVER heard Chris fart or burp outside of the bathroom or occasionally during sleep. (Oh he's gonna kill me!) I on the other hand have been nicknamed "Stinky" on many occasions. What can I say, silent but violent, just doesn't happen for me...What was my point? Oh, unfortunately Liam seems to be getting all my bad traits. Stinky feet and massive flatulence. Well, wait, I don't have massive flatulence but, you know what I mean. He also has good traits from me like big brown eyes and strong opinions. From Chris, so far his hair and nails grown at an amazingly fast rate, he is VERY tough and he loves to be outdoors. So far so good, I think. I can deal with a little stank when it comes from such an awesome good natured baby!
Wow that was a totally random entry....


Leia's mom said...

I just found you & wanted to tell you that your son is absolutely adorable.
I have a son & 1 dog. Used to have 1 but 1 passed away last year :-(
By the way the pitt bunny is adorable too.

Dee said...

Hee hee, um, yeah, I'd be lying if I said A and I didn't have fart wars here and there...but I'm just saying.

And it seems that little J is carrying on in our footsteps. How mature are we when a little commando toot escapes during a diaper change? So mature that we're rolling around in hysterics. She thinks us laughing is funny and joins in (if only she knew!). Now we just need to catch it on tape--then we can embarass her with it when she's a teen!