Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Someone Get Me a Giant Hamster Ball--Fast!!!!

Liam has a protective sac around him at all times. He is safe. What do I have? Horrific balance. And bloody knees. Chris and I were at Olive Garden, and he moved the car to come pick me up, while I was in the restroom. So I walk out of the restaurant, looked right at Chris and our truck and kept walking the other way to where the car was parked. Chris honks, and I realized it was him. Just so you know, we just got a new camper shell the day before, that is why I didn't recognize the truck, not because I am a complete moron. Well, I was laughing at myself, for not noticing him, and I stepped off the curb between two cars. I stumbled, caught myself then tripped over the concrete parking block. Normally I wouldn't have fallen but my balance, bad on a non-pregnant day, is really off now. So I dropped like a ton of bricks. Scuffed my knees, bloodied a toe, road rashed my hands, and completely shattered, my pride. I knew immediately Chris would be terrified the baby was hurt, so I popped up like a jack in the box and shouted, "Liam is fine!" Meanwhile I was just sobbing and laughing hysterically, both because I hurt, and because I was really embarassed. It is a good thing, I told Chris we were OK, because he was already calling medics and running to see if I was OK. He said, "You were there and then you just....weren't. All I saw was you and then your hands underneath those cars!" So I am thinking, the only hope for me is if I just roll around in a giant plasitc hamster ball for the next 3 months. You know, just in case.


Anonymous said...

hehehehehe...you are way too much!! :) Wishing you better balance....


Brina said...

oh wow. poor thing. at least you didn't bang up Liam.